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Director's Column


Director's Photo
  • Director: Mr. Tsai Liang-chang

  • Academic Background:

    M.Ed., Graduate Institute of Adult Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University

    B.Soc.Sci., Department of Sociology, National Chengchi University
  • Examinations:

    1991 Civil Service Senior Examination – Personnel Administration

    2009 Training for Civil Servants with Junior Rank Seeking Promotion to Senior Rank
  • Administration Experiences:

    2005/08 Director of Personnel Office, Bureau of Education, Kaohsiung City Government (Junior Rank 9th)

    2005/01 Executive Officer, Personnel Department, Kaohsiung City Government (Junior Rank 8th-9th)

    2000/05 Sub-division Chief, Personnel Department, Kaohsiung City Government (Junior Rank 8th)

    2000/02 Section Chief, Public Service Housing and Welfare Committee of Kaohsiung City (Junior Rank 8th)
  • Publications:

    1."Study on the Application of Knowles Adult Education Model to On-the-Job Training Agencies for Civil Officials in Taiwan", Master thesis, Graduate Institute of Adult Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University.

    2."Discussion on the New Strategy for Stress Adaptation of Contemporary Civil Servants from the Perspective of Adult Psychology", published in Issue 6, Vol. 29 of the Personnel Monthly.

    3."Discussion on the Appropriate Setup for Taiwan's Civil Official Training System on the Basis of British, French and Swiss Concepts of Adult Education Implementation", published in Issue 8, Vol. 36 of Personnel Management.

    4."Study of Promoting Legalization of Administrative Neutrality of Civil Servants in Taiwan", Second Class Award of the Ministry of Civil Service among the 1993 personnel and legal research and development works.

    5."Study on the Application of Knowles Adult Education Model to On-the-Job Training of Civil Officials in Taiwan", Second Class Award of the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan among the 2000 research and development works.

    6."Study on the Reform of Retirement System for Public School Teachers in Taiwan", Merit Award of the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan among the 2005 research and development works.
  • Director's Message:

       When international interaction and competition continue to grow increasingly in the 21st century, human capital has been well recognized by all the developed countries as the most precious resource. Further, to enhance the service performance of the public sector, "organization re-engineering" has become a global trend. After all, government agencies must completely get rid of the traditional bureaucratic mentality in a democratic and open society; instead, they should satisfy the varied demands of the people with prompt and quality service. For this goal, enhancement of the manpower quality of civil service is of prime importance. Moreover, with the arrival of the lifelong learning era, civil service training agencies should strive to understand the rapid change of trends more than ever before, consolidate and apply various theories of human resources and adult education in order to improve the training efficacy and train comprehensive modern civil servants.

       Training is the main way of cultivating talents, and education is the basis of training; the two are highly interrelated. In modern times, ignorant civil servants could hardly keep a foothold in the administrative agencies. With a flexible, lively, innovative, experiential and high-quality educational approach, the Institute has constructed five major training systems: instructional training, management training, policy training, basic occupational training and professional training. We strive to become a sound, well-qualitied educational training agency of the Kaohsiung City Government. Apart from enhancing the diversity of civil servants' knowledge and skills, we also work hard to develop the manpower of civil service characterized by "integrity, loyalty, professionalism, caring and efficiency." We hope to reach the three visions of "innovation, excellence and sustainability" in the Institute.

       Looking to the future, in response to the sharp increase in great demand for civil service training after the city-county merger, the Institute has expanded not only the depth and breadth of its training operation, but also the strategic alliances and collaboration with public and private universities. We have undertaken many research projects, such as the "establishment of the competency model" and "case-based instruction", in order to ensure that the structure and content of the future training plan will be more comprehensive and practical. We believe that through the hard work of the whole staff in the Institute with the principle of "continuous learning, and strengthened exposition", a healthy, happy and comprehensive training playground, characterized by inspirational thinking, will be emerged soon.
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